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World build - consultation 1hr


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Delivering exceptional creator services within Horizon Worlds. Providing building skills and scripting knowledge to customers. Affordable world building based on 3 value points that help customers find true value in their world build project request. Horizon Worlds is a newer platform that provides its users with the opportunity to experience VR in a fully social way. Moki’s LLC provides services that take away the stress of building your own world. Giving the customer more time to enjoy the platform instead of having to create it themselves first.

We provide world creation services. Able to build a world for customers ranging from concentrating on specific capacity limits like object, simulation/animation, geometric complexity, and sound to a combination of the capacity limits that achieves the customer's desired finish (completed project). Providing customers an opportunity to choose the concentration of 3 value points. The first value point emphasizes the degree of quality in the project. The second value point emphasizes the speed at which the project is to be completed. The third value point emphasizes the price the customer chooses to pay to see the project finished.

Finished project owners will have full access via finished project transferred to customers Horizon world account. In addition, Owners will have tester access to an identical world updated daily on connected game worlds (When connectivity is available). 

The cost of the 1 hour consultation service is eligible to be transferred to the total quoted cost of the project at end of the consultation period.  When the order is received for the consultation service, the customer will receive a confirmation email from Moki's LLC to schedule an appointment to meet within Horizon Worlds to begin the consultation process.

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World build - consultation 1hr
World build - consultation 1hr


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